If it is pre-ordered, when will it be available?

All pre-orders usually ship within 2 weeks.

Can concentrates or liquids be used?

No. only solid or dried

What temperature does it reach?

It can reach a maximum temperature of  400 °F

Does it gets hot?

Yes, as any vaporizer and any device that gets heated to temperature up to 400°F it gets hot. Not the whole thing, just a middle, where it actually heats up the tobacco. From the first one or two consecutive cycles (30 seconds each) it will get warm, but if you will persist on using it again, it will get hot.
We just recommend to be smart about it, and give it a short rest between usage cycles. Give it a minute or two to cool off and repeat the process. As the technology better hope to eliminate or minimize it as much as possible.

So yes, it is not perfect, but if you can be smart about it, you can enjoy all other benefits.

How do I order replacement parts?

Just email us and we can help you.

How do you clean it?

It comes with the cleaning accessories.

Does it has a car charger?

It only comes with the home and USB charger, USB connect can work with any car charger that has USB connection in it.

how durable is your portable vaporizers?

As any product it will all depend on  how you drop it. It is a solid device, however we do not recommend or suggest you dropping it or throw it in any way. In the future we will come up with a case to help keeping it safe.

How long does an average charge last?

The charge is long lasting. Battery life is around 200 cycles, each cycle takes 30 seconds. So that is around 1 hour of non stop smoking. It has a USB charges so it can be very easily recharged.


If you do not see an answer to your questions here, just email us and we’ll gladly help you.



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