How It Works

4:20 portable vaporizer is very easy to use. Just pick a tobacco of your choice and get started.

Step one: Prepare tobacco and open vaporizer. Please keep in mind tobacco needs to be dry! Do not use liquids or oils.

Step two: Place tobacco inside of the chamber. It can hold up to 400mg

Step three: By using a small stick (included with the vaporizer) stuff the chamber

Step four: Make sure it’s fully packed so you don’t have to refill for some time.

Step five: Close it and press and hold the button to start vaporizing it. The light will turn blue, keep holding until it turns off. You can start inhaling earlier if you want. If the light starts blinking blue and turns off right away, that means battery is low and needs to be recharged. Vaporizer can be used while it is charging.

Step six: When you done using it, clean it up for next time.

Step seven: Don’t forget to charge it when battery runs out!

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