Why 4:20?

Some reason why you want to consider purchasing and using our portable vaporizer.


Slick and Windproof

portable vaporizer Yes, it’s that small! 4:20 doesn’t require a lighter, so wind is not a problem anymore!





Long Lasting and Rechargeable

portable vaporizer usb rechargeable Charge will depend on your usage. Battery life is around 200 cycles , each cycle takes 30 seconds. So that is around 1 hour of non stop smoking.

Yes, it is rechargeable.




Dry, no Liquid

portable vaporizer dry no liquid 4:20 portable vaporizer is not one of those electronic cigarets, you put your dry tobacco or plant material and 4:20 vaporizes it. Vaporizing is better for you then smoking, but to learn more about vaporizers you can do it at Wikipedia, here is the link: Wikipedia – Vaporizer

Chamber can hold up to 400mg of tobacco or plant material.




Easy to Clean

portable vaporizer easy to clean Cleaning is very easy and all cleaning tools are included. It doesn’t work with liquids or oils.