About Us

4:20 portable vaporizer was created from need.  One day while skiing and being stuck on the chair lift while going up,

lighting up a cigarette was impossible let along smoking it. Ta-Dah, 4:20 vaporizer was born. The need  to be able

to enjoy smoking on the go, without being depended on the location, lighter or surrounding environment,

contributed to this invention.

Besides inconvenience, smoking is not the healthiest activity out there, and by vaporizing, it lowers tar, toxic

gasses and radioactive particles. This how 4:20 vaporizer was born, 4:20 is the time when the idea was created.

The rest is now…


We are always looking to improve or provide best possible services for you, so if you have

any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,
4:20 team